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  • Lyrics Magic Word Daytrotter Version - Fucked Up

    Alternativo Fucked Up Letra Magic Word Daytrotter Version - Fucked Up 1 Magic Word (Daytrotter Version) LyricsPut A Bug Into My Ear, When I Woke Up I Was Here I Blew Smoke Onto A Page And Watched The Letters Re Arrange Pushed The Words Into My Veins, Tripped The Valve Inside My Brain Spoke A Language I Could See, I Swam Inside Reality Write In Vines And Speak In T Ver letra completa
  • Lyrics No Epiphany Ft No Age - Fucked Up

    Alternativo Fucked Up Letra No Epiphany Ft No Age - Fucked Up 3 S No Epiphany LyricsSon Of Heaven, The Sun Of God A Blink From The Eternal Facade The Ever Spot Orb'd Polyphony No Epiphany Tune The Universe, Be The Spine To Stay In Place As The Planets Align Set To Changes, Affix To Time No Epiphany Nothing New And Nothing Old The Chilling Warmth Ver letra completa
  • Lyrics Cardinal - Friko

    Alternativo Friko Letra Cardinal - Friko 6 S Cardinal Lyrics[Verse 1] I've Had Better Days, This I Can't Deny When I Saw Your Face I Couldn't Help But Cry I'm Riding On A Wave, But In The Abyss Swallowing My Faith To Better Buy My Place [Chorus 1] And The Morning Came And Punished Me The Cardinal Trapped His Crown Ver letra completa
  • Lyrics Until Im With You Again - Friko

    Alternativo Friko Letra Until Im With You Again - Friko 3 S Until I’m With You Again Lyrics[Verse 1] I'll Run, I'll Fight I'll Sail The Night I'll Tuck Your Sheets Beneath My Feet [Chorus] Until I'm With You again Remember this, My Friend That I'll Be With You Again I Know it's Hard, My Ver letra completa
  • Lyrics Statues - Friko

    Alternativo Friko Letra Statues - Friko 4 S Statues Lyrics[Verse 1] Having To Stop There Middle Of Nowhere Hiding Away Until It's Time There In Your Old Room, An Angel Had Told You Half Is Yours And Half Is Mine [Chorus] Someday, We'll Lay Statues Of Our Own For Now, We'll Bow To Memories Made Of Stone [Verse 2] Ver letra completa
  • Lyrics Chemical - Friko

    Alternativo Friko Letra Chemical - Friko 4 S Chemical Lyrics[Verse 1] We Walk Through Alleys In The Dark (we Walk) And Never Say Enough Tip Toe And Balance On A Star (we Walk) The Sun Is Still A Spark [Verse 2] Starting To Believe The Puzzle Never Solves Because It’s All… Chemical (Chemical) Chemical (Chemical) Chemic Ver letra completa
  • Lyrics For Ella - Friko

    Alternativo Friko Letra For Ella - Friko 2 S For Ella Lyrics[Verse 1] You Were Running Through The Backyard Said The Puddles Were The Ocean Now The Smell Of Rainy Days Always Remind Me Of You Took A Ride Into The West Side To See The City With your own eyes But The Flicker of The Light was Too Bright You Got Ba Ver letra completa
  • Lyrics Where Weve Been - Friko

    Alternativo Friko Letra Where Weve Been - Friko 5 S Where We’ve Been Lyrics[Verse 1] Twenty Years Spent Above This Place You Can Smell The Iron From The Room And The Train Was Running Through The Window Carrying A Pillow So I Could Lay My Head Down Onto You [Verse 2] Dirty Drawers And An Awful Stench A Stomach Made Of Stick And Glue Ver letra completa
  • Lyrics Vampire Disco - Friday Pilots Club

    Alternativo Friday Pilots Club Letra Vampire Disco - Friday Pilots Club 3 S Vampire Disco Lyrics[Verse 1] Let's Call It Hesitation I Feel It In Your Bones You're Running Out Of Patience You Already Know [Pre Chorus] You're Keeping Up A Breakneck Pace I Like The Way You Say My Name You're Stirring Up A Brand New Age I Want You To Know [Chor Ver letra completa
  • Lyrics Indigent - Fresh Ladouille

    Rap Fresh Ladouille Letra Indigent - Fresh Ladouille 5 S Indigent Lyrics(Aah Gang) (Aaah) (Eh La Calle, La Calle.. Gang) J’ai Gardé Ma Veste Dernier Rang J’les écoute Aux Assises Dis Nous L’temel On Peut Faire Sa Tranquille C’est Méchant Les Indices Nique 36, Hier Chez Dorothée Connu Chez La PJ, C’est So Ver letra completa
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  • Dejala Que Vuelva (ft. Manuel Turizo) - Piso 21
  • Segun Quien (ft. Carin Leon) - Maluma
  • El Cielo (ft. Feid, Myke Towers) - Sky
  • Fica Amor - Washington Brasileiro
  • Normal - Feid
  • Si No Estas - Inigo Quintero
  • Un Finde - Big One
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  • Corazon Roto (Remix) (ft. Jhayco, Ryan Castro) - Brray
  • Hey Mor (ft. Feid) - Ozuna
  • TQG (ft. Shakira) - KAROL G
  • Pobre Corazon (En Vivo) (ft. Onda Sabanera) - Ke personajes
  • La Bachata - Manuel Turizo
  • Holanda - Jhayco
  • Es Un Secreto - Plan B
  • La Bebe (Remix) (ft. Peso Pluma) - Yng Lvcas
  • LA INOCENTE (ft. Feid) - Mora
  • Me Rehuso - Danny Ocean
  • Amanece (ft. Haze) - Anuel AA
  • PUNTO G - Quevedo
  • Seven (Explicit Ver.) (ft. Latto) - JUNG KOOK
  • Classy 101 (ft. Young Miko) - Feid
  • Feliz Cumpleanos Ferxxo - Feid
  • Pi Po Po Po Ro Po (Remix) - Pedrinha Moraes
  • El Merengue (ft. Manuel Turizo) - Marshmello
  • Los del Espacio (ft. Tiago PZK, Maria Becerra, Duki, Emilia, Rusherking, Big One, FMK) - LIT killah
  • Escapate Conmigo (Remix) - Wolfine
  • Like Crazy - Jimin
  • Me Porto Bonito (ft. Chencho Corleone) - Bad Bunny
  • como dormiste - Rels B
  • QLONA (ft. Peso Pluma) - KAROL G
  • un x100to (ft. Bad Bunny) - Grupo Frontera
  • BUBALU (ft. Rema) - Feid
  • Primera Cita - Carin Leon
  • Fragil (ft. Grupo Frontera) - Yahritza Y Su Esencia
  • El Jefe (ft. Fuerza Regida) - Shakira
  • La Triple M - Mawell
  • MOJABI GHOST (ft. Bad Bunny) - Tainy
  • Chulo pt.2 - Bad Gyal
  • Amor Vuelve (En Vivo) (ft. Eddy Herrera) - Grupo 5
  • OJITOS ROJOS (ft. Ke personajes) - Grupo Frontera
  • 3D (ft. Jack Harlow) - JUNG KOOK
  • LALA - Myke Towers
  • Rara Vez (ft. Milo j) - Taiu
  • Columbia - Quevedo